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Hiring A Limousine? 9 Things You Need To Know

Hiring A Limousine? 9 Things You Need To Know

When you’re hiring a limousine, it’s not wise to blindly choose the first limo service you find. As with most things, you have to start by doing a little research and of course, understanding what you’re actually shopping for. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to find the right limousine once you know what to look for.

Odds are, you probably don’t hire a limo often. In many cases, this might be your first time. Before you commit to a service or a limo, there are a few things you should know. These tips will make hiring a limousine easy and pleasant.

1. Know The Limo You Want

This might not apply to everyone, but stop to consider what type of limousine you want. If you’re considering a specific model, such as Lincoln Town Car or Hummer H2, you’ll want to limit your search to only the services that offer that model. Make sure you’re hiring a limousine large enough to fit your entire party comfortably.

2. Check The Service’s Reputation

Unless you want an experience like this person’s Uber horror story, double-check the service’s reputation before you even contact them. Spending even 10-15 minutes online looking at reviews will give you a good idea of how trustworthy the service is and what quality of service they provide.

3. Know Your When, Where And What

You have to be ready to answer they three Ws. When you contact a service, they’ll want to know what the occasion is, when it’ll be and where. If you have multiple locations in mind, list all of them. These answers are necessary for the service to calculate distance and time needed, choosing the right chauffeur for the occasion and of course, making sure the limo in question is available on that day.

4. Consider Your Must Haves

Every service doesn’t include the same amenities. You’ll even find some features and amenities vary greatly by limo itself. Make a list of must have features and amenities. Do you need room to dance? What about what’s stocked in the bar? Do you want a lighted ceiling? How about dual flat-screen TVs? This helps limit your search and helps the service provide you with the perfect limo and amenities. Keep in mind that some amenities, such as certain spirits, may cost extra.

5. Ask For Multiple Quotes

Just because you contact a service doesn’t mean you’re committing to hiring a limousine from them. Get multiple quotes. While base prices tend to be approximately the same, you’ll find drastically different prices on amenities, extra fees and other fine print items. Read all quotes carefully to see what the differences are.

6. Think About More Than Price

Don’t get too excited when you get an extra low quote. This is the one service you want to avoid. On that note, extremely high quotes should be avoided too. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. This usually means you’re losing out on something. More often than not, it’s either quality of the limo or quality of service.

7. View The Actual Limousine

It’s fine to compare limousines online before hiring one. Before you pay for anything, ask to see the limo in person. If the service refuses, move on to another service. Reputable limousine services will make time for you to view the limo you’re wanting to hire in person. After all, when you’re paying hundreds of dollars, you should get to see what you’re paying for.

8. Ask For An Experienced Chauffeur

One thing you’ll learn when researching a service is how experienced and professional their chauffeurs are. The last thing you want is a rude, obnoxious chauffeur that ruins your entire evening. Ask for a chauffeur that’s experienced in your type of event. For instance, if you’re hiring a limousine for a clubbing night, you’ll need someone who’s both patient and energetic.

9. Get Everything In Writing

The most important thing to remember when hiring a limousine is to get everything in writing. Never accept a phone call as a contract. No matter how trustworthy a service seems to be, a written contract protects you and the service. If something goes wrong, you have documentation of exactly what was promised. Think of it as peace of mind.

Hiring A Limousine The Easy Way

Hiring a limousine isn’t always as straightforward as doing a Google search and picking the first result. Do a little research, be prepared for a few questions and consider your needs. It’s easy to find the right service and limo when you follow all nine tips.

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