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Traveling Los Angeles During Summer? 7 Must Know Tips

Traveling Los Angeles During Summer? 7 Must Know Tips

Traveling Los Angeles during summer, but don’t want your outing ruined by bad weather, gridlock traffic or breaking the bank on popular attractions? A summer outing in Los Angeles should be a memorable, fun and relaxing day. All you need are the right tips to make the day perfect.

For the most part, it’s the traveling itself that makes or breaks any outing. After all, missing out on going to the beach due to traffic would definitely ruin your day. Make sure you avoid the pitfalls and actually enjoy your Los Angeles summer outing.

1. Let Someone Else Drive

Call us biased, but we always believe a trip is better when you don’t have to drive yourself. It’s honestly easier to get around Los Angeles in a car, but attempting the dreaded 405 is a nightmare waiting to happen. If you have multiple destinations in mind, why not let someone else do the driving? Our comfortable limousines are ready to take you and your friends or family wherever you want to go. The best part – you don’t have to drive. Plus, the chauffeurs plan out the best routes in advance.

2. Visit Low Cost Or Free Destinations

Why aren’t more people traveling Los Angeles during summer? Cost. Many popular attractions aren’t exactly budget friendly. Do your research and opt for free and low cost destinations, such as the beach or Griffith Observatory. If you’re shopping, just browse along Rodeo Drive and try out some lower cost boutiques in West Hollywood. You’ll still have an incredible time, but you’ll have plenty of money left over to splurge on a nice dinner.

If you want to visit major attractions, consider a discount card or pass, such as the Go Los Angeles Card. If you’re renting a limousine, consider a tour package for a day trip or to see popular areas.

3. Skip Walking And Drive

Destinations in Los Angeles tend to be scattered about unless you’re shopping in one area or spending the day at the beach. As tempting as it may be to try and walk, summer in Los Angeles can be a little on the warm side. If you don’t want to limit yourself to one small area, you’ll definitely want to drive. If the mere thought of traffic makes you feel like staying in and locking your doors, rent a limo instead to drive you from place to place.

4. Plan For Crazy Weather

Usually it’s rather warm in Los Angeles during summer, but rainy periods, gloom from heated pavement and even cool temperatures during the late afternoon at the beach could ruin any outing. Make sure you’re prepared before you travel. If you’re trying to plan weeks in advance, check out yearly average weather patterns. For more spontaneous outings, consult your favorite weather app so you know how to dress and what to take with you.

5. Ensure Your Air Works

Did we mention it gets hot? Don’t even consider traveling Los Angeles during summer without having air conditioning in your vehicle. Traffic can be a pain and if you get stuck, you might not get enough of a breeze to keep you cool. It’s another reason to trust someone else to drive. With a limousine, you don’t even have to worry about getting back into a hot car as your chauffeur can cool the car before you’re ready to get back in.

6. Create A Schedule Before Visiting

With a little planning, you could easily do multiple things in a single day or weekend. Plan out destinations so you get more out of your outings. For instance, spend a few hours at the beach, check out a few museums, go to an evening concert and have a late dinner. Create a schedule for yourself and you’ll make more memories and have more fun.

7. Take Some Friends Along

What’s a summer outing without friends? Not only is it more fun, but it’s safer to go out as a group. Plus, if you decide to take the easier route and rent a limousine, the cost is minimal when it’s split between a group. Go ahead, grab your friends and travel Los Angeles like a celebrity.

Start Summer Travel Now

Summer is here and the time for travel is now. Don’t stay inside binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Get out and have fun traveling Los Angeles during summer. After all, you’ll need those warm summer memories when winter arrives.

Have your destinations all planned out, but need a ride? Check out our luxurious and affordable fleet to rent the perfect limo for your outing today.

Image: Gilad Rom

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