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Airports – Transfers and Rates

Whether you need to pick up a guest or a client in style, or whether you simply want a classy ride to a house or hotel, limousine rental to and from airports is the most luxurious means of transportation.

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Airport pickups incur an additional $10 charge.
Free airport limo transfers at the end of any trip or tour.
A fuel fee of 8% and 20% service fee will be added to the above rates.
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Rates may be higher on special event days.
Other restrictions may apply.

Service can include the original hourly rate into a flat fee for all day usage if further transportation is needed. If you want to take a stylish ride to and from an airport – or even beyond – check out the accommodations with an online booking or simply call us for a reservation.

Los Angeles International

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Rates From Different Destinations In LA

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Rates From West Los Angeles and Downtown LA to LAX

Sedan up to 4 passengers$ 116
6 passenger limousine $ 139
8 passenger limousine $ 148
10 passenger limousine $ 156
12 passenger limousine $ 195
14 passenger limousine $ 225
16 passenger limousine $ 249
SUV stretch limousine $ 249

Rates From South Bay to LAX

Sedan up to 4 passengers$ 116
6 passenger limousine $ 139
8 passenger limousine $ 148
10 passenger limousine $ 156
12 passenger limousine $ 195
14 passenger limousine $ 225
16 passenger limousine $ 249
SUV stretch limousine $ 249

Rates From San Fernando Valley to LAX

Sedan up to 4 passengers$ 136
6 passenger limousine $ 159
8 passenger limousine $ 168
10 passenger limousine $ 176
12 passenger limousine $ 215
14 passenger limousine $ 245
16 passenger limousine $ 269
SUV stretch limousine $ 269

Rates From Orange County to LAX

Sedan up to 4 passengers$ 146
6 passenger limousine $ 169
8 passenger limousine $ 178
10 passenger limousine $ 186
12 passenger limousine $ 225
14 passenger limousine $ 255
16 passenger limousine $ 279
SUV stretch limousine $ 279

Los Angeles International Airport

Best Deals And Discounts On Airport Limo Transfers

When you arrive at your destination after flying for thousands of miles, one of the last things that you want to do is wait for a taxi. If you are visiting friends and family, you will likely have someone there waiting to pick you up, but when you are traveling on business, you will have to fend for yourself.

Instead of getting a taxi, or some other form of transportation to take you from the airport to your hotel, you might consider using an airport limo transfers service that will take you in luxury to wherever you are staying by simply scheduling a pickup with these companies.

Overview Of Airport Limo Transfer Companies

Businesses that offer this type of service will do so 24 hours a day. Many major cities like Sydney, New York, Brisbane, and even Las Vegas will have these limo services available. You need to imagine yourself arriving at the airport, and once you get outside, see yourself getting into a luxury limousine that will take you to your hotel for the time that you will be in the city.

You can get affordable rates from many of these companies, prices that are just a little more expensive than a taxi ride. The difference is that you will be in a limousine that will shuttle you to your destination, allowing you to rest easy about having to find transportation to your hotel.

Discounts On Limo Transfers

Many of these businesses offer discounts that are available if you are booking on the web using a promo code. There are actually quite a few of these companies which are competing against one another, and by simply contacting them weeks before your departure, they can be ready for you once you arrive at your destination.

It is also possible to get discounts by surfing the web and visiting websites that specifically provide discounts for every type of business imaginable. However, it is more likely that you will find information on these discounts by visiting Airport limo transfer service websites.

Now that you know a little bit more about what these companies have to offer, and how you can get discounts rates, you should seriously consider scheduling a pickup at the major city that you are going to be traveling to in the near future, allowing you to experience a little bit of luxury once you arrive.

Some of them will actually give you a short tour of the city that you will be in, something that typically occurs on your way to your hotel. Either way, there is nothing quite like getting into a limousine, instead of a taxi, that will take you to your final destination.

Do your research today and start looking for airport limo transfers that will be more than happy to meet you at the airport. By working with the right company, you can experience what typically happens to the rich and famous by simply booking an airport pickup with American Limousine Service.

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