Luxury Limousine Hourly Rates At A Glance

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Lincoln Limousines

                                   Sun – Thu  Fri & Sat
Executive sedan                $ 56/hr. $ 59/hr.

6 passenger limousine       $ 65/hr. $ 68/hr.

8 passenger limousine       $ 67/hr. $ 70/hr.

10 passenger limousine     $ 70/hr. $ 72/hr.

12 passenger limousine     $ 79/hr. $ 84/hr.

14 passenger limousine     $ 94/hr. $ 99/hr.

16 passenger limousine     $ 99/hr. $ 104/hr.

Chrysler Limousines

                               Sun – Thu  Fri & Sat

6 passenger limousine $ 69/hr. $ 73/hr.

8 passenger limousine $ 72/hr. $ 76/hr.

10 passenger limousine $ 75/hr. $ 79/hr.

12 passenger limousine $ 79/hr. $ 84/hr.

Hummer H3

                                 Sun – Thu  Fri & Sat

10 passenger limousine $ 87/hr. $ 94/hr.

12 passenger limousine $ 94/hr. $99/hr.

14 passenger limousine $ 104/hr. $ 109/hr.

Hummer H2 / Escalade

                         Sun – Thu  Fri & Sat

16 pas. suv limo $ 99/hr. $ 104/hr.

18 pas. suv limo $ 99/hr. $ 107/hr.

20 pas. suv limo $ 99/hr. $ 109/hr.

22 pas. suv limo $ 104/hr. $ 112/hr.

24 pas. suv limo $ 109/hr. $ 117/hr.

Party Bus

                                   Sun – Thu  Fri & Sat

16 Passenger Party Bus $ 99/hr.  $104/hr.

20 Passenger Party Bus $104/hr.  $112/hr.

24 Passenger Party Bus $109/hr.  $114/hr.

26 Passenger Party Bus $114/hr.  $124/hr.

30 Passenger Party Bus $124/hr.  $134/hr.

35 Passenger Party Bus $139/hr.  $149/hr.

40 Passenger Party Bus $149/hr.  $169/hr.

45 Passenger Party Bus $169/hr.  $179/hr.

50 Passenger Party Bus $189/hr.  $199/hr.

55 Passenger Party Bus $199/hr.  $219/hr.

Tours Mon - Sun

Executive Sedan $ 62/hr.

6 passenger limousine $ 73/hr.

8 passenger limousine $ 75/hr.

10 passenger limousine $ 77/hr.

12 passenger limousine $ 89/hr.

14 – 16 passenger limo $ 105/hr.

Limousine Prices

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a limousine does not need to be a pricey affair.  While it can be difficult to locate the ideal limousine prices, it is possible to find a cost that meets your financial abilities. 

In order to locate the ideal limousine costs it is recommended that you take various considerations into account.  This article will provide information on the different points to take into account when choosing the most financially advantageous limousine company.

1. Reputation

A positive reputation is essential for any company or freelancer trying to promote their services.  This is due to the fact that positive reputations provide a greater impression of the service for potential clients. 

By reading testimonials you can determine the quality of the service being provided and determine whether the service is suited to your needs.  Many companies promote their services online and official websites may present some testimonials; however, it has been found that these testimonials may be fraudulent and misleading. 

To avoid this deception it is recommended that you read reviews on third party review websites providing you with an honest impression of cost and customer support quality.

2. Budgets

When seeking out a beneficial limousine service cost, it is recommended that you obtain and compare quotes from different companies.  The comparison is not to determine the value for money, but can also be used to determine affordability. 

To ensure that you do not overspend and pay exorbitant limousine prices, it is recommended that you draft a project budget.  It is vital that the budget drafted is realistic and will accurately reflect your financial capacity. 

It is also important that you obtain detailed quotes instead of general estimations as this will clarify the exact cost for different aspects of the service.

3. Experience

The most beneficial and high quality company will more than likely have technicians that are both knowledgeable and skilled in the service provided.  To ensure that the company chosen has the correct experience, it is recommended that you peruse the company’s portfolio. 

Once again, this type of information can be found on the company’s official website; however, it is advised that you discuss the portfolio with the contractor during an initial consultation.  Companies without portfolios may lack experience and the quality of the service may be very poor.

4. Geographical Location

A factor that many people do not consider when hiring a limousine service is the geographical location; however, this is a very important point to take into account and is especially significant if travel expenses are involved. 

It has been found that local limousine rental companies are not only easier to access but are often more convenient if you should be required to visit the facility for administrative reasons.  Always take this into account as a closer location can greatly reduce any costs regarding the limousine rental.

Make Use Of These Steps

It is very enjoyable to ride along in a limousine when celebrating special events; however, there are points to take into account before making any payments.  Using the information above you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the company meets your specific needs. We are sure you will conclude that American Limousine Los Angeles is the service for you.

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