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Choosing the right limo service can prove to be a very difficult task. After all, there are literally hundreds of different limo companies and a multitude of cars you can choose from. So the million dollar question is how do you pick the best limo service for your special event? The answer is simple. Do your homework! Here are 5 things you need to look for before hiring a limo service.

#1 – How Many Years Have They Been In Business?

When it comes to limo companies, experience is priceless. There is a lot that goes into making sure your ride is successful. If you want to ensure everything goes smoothly, hire a company that has in depth experience when it comes to transportation. If you find a newer company that doesn’t have a lot of years in the game, check into the staff to see how much experience they personally have.

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#2 – Do They Have Good Reviews?

These days it is very easy to find out how a company performs. A simple search using the company name will pull up everything you need to know. Read over reviews to see what others have to say. Some great sites to look at are Angie’s List and Yelp. A customer review is usually the best review as it tends to be honest and non biased.

#3 – How Much Do They Charge?

When hiring a limo company, always ask about cost before agreeing to anything. While the base rate may be decent, many limo companies have layers and layers of fees they add to that rate. For example, you may be charged administrative costs, gratuity and tolls on top of the base rate.

Before the night is over your bill could easily end up costing you 30 percent more than the rate you were quoted. Make sure the final quote you receive is all inclusive. This way you will know the exact amount for the entire evening or event.

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#4 – What Type of Vehicles Do They Have in Their Fleet?

As you very well know, there is no shortage of vehicle types you can choose from for your event. You have party buses, shuttle buses, Mercedes sprinters, and stretch limos just to name a few. While big limo companies will usually have all vehicle types in their fleet, the smaller companies may only have a few. Be sure to ask about their fleet beforehand. This way you know they have what you want.

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Always take the time to inspect the vehicles before the day of your special event. You don’t want to show up and realize the vehicle is not up to your expectations.

#5 – Does The Company Have Valid Certifications

Your safety is, and should always be, your number one priority. Check to make sure the company is a certified limo company. You should also check to make sure they have proper insurance and that all of their vehicles have been inspected by the DOT and approved by PUC.

And there you have it, 5 things you should look for before hiring a limo company. Keep these things in mind and you are sure to have a great experience.

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