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Amazing Stars and Limo Rides

Whether it’s Oscar night or a simple pick-up/drop-off at the airport, high profile stars have come to rely on celebrity limo service for the majority of their luxury transportation needs.

They know this type of vehicle will get them to their destination in style and that they’ll be comfortable because of the ample space and relaxing seats in the interior. Don’t forget that we all love amazing stars and limo rides. And while the majority of celebrities wouldn’t ever turn down this type of ride, there are some who love limo service more than others.

celebritie-limos-300x208 Amazing Stars and Limo Rides

Some of the most recognizable celebrity limousine lovers include:

– Christina Aguilera: This famous singer has been spotted entering red carpets in limos all throughout the year.

– LeBron James: He regularly takes limos to events he attends, and normally travels with a crew of people that will only fit in the interior of this type of vehicle.

– Steven Tyler: This rock star enjoys luxury rides in limos, and often takes pictures with his drivers to show his support.

– Rod Stewart: With the busy schedule Rod Stewart has, it’s no surprise he relies on limos for the majority of his transportation needs.

– Paris Hilton: Paris takes limos to the airport, red carpet events, clubs and many other places on a regular basis.

– Mariah Carey: This famous diva uses celebrity limo service to take her just about everywhere, and is commonly photographed arriving in one.

– Heidi Klum: Every supermodel needs a nice ride to get to one of the many events she goes to, and Heidi Klum chooses limousines. She routinely takes pictures in these luxury cars when she’s dressed up in gowns.

– Kardashians: When the Kardashian crew travels, they enjoy taking limos to fit their entourage. They’ve taken these to and from clubs, the airport, television studios and many other places.

– Jennifer Lopez: Lopez needs to travel with a crew of body guards and assistants, so a large vehicle like a limo is essential for her needs.

– Justin Bieber: Often seen waving out of the window of limos, this singer relies on these vehicles whenever he is traveling. Not only does the spacious interior accommodate his crew, but it also has the luxuries that he’s used to.

– Angelina Jolie: Whenever Angelina is seen on a red carpet, she is normally stepping out of a sleek limo.

– Leonardo DiCaprio: He loves taking limos just about everywhere he goes, and usually travels with at least one other person while in one.

– Barbara Streisand: One of the most famous celebrities on the planet enjoys taking limos, especially since she doesn’t like driving herself.

These are just a small number of stars who depend on and enjoy luxury travel in limousines when they need to get somewhere in the lap of luxury. It’s easy to see why they love these cars so much, as they offer things like: experienced celebrity chauffeurs, space for friends, sleek exteriors, room for beverages and custom service. No other vehicle or service offers this type of high class experience, which is why it’s the first choice for all types of celebrities.

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