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How Much Do You Tip A Limo Driver?

If you are going to hire a limo driver or take a ride in a limo, you should tip them. It is apart of what you need to do. It can sometimes be hard to know how much tip limo driver because you don’t do it that much. The key is to think about where you are, how much the normal amount is and how much you liked the service.  limousine-driver-300x264 How Much Do You Tip A Limo Driver?

It is a good idea to start out with a 20% tip. Figure out what that would be and go from there. If you had really good service, you can tip a little more. If you didn’t like it at all, you can tip a little less. Just figure it out based on how they acted during the drive.

You can also figure out what other people in your area tip. How much tip limo driver information is available online. You should be able to find it somewhere and you can even ask on your neighborhood or community social media page. If you don’t agree with what other people are paying, it is okay to do what you want but it is nice to know what the standard would be.

If you are in the limo with a bunch of other people, it might be good to split the tip and make sure everyone pitches in a few dollars. It just depends on the situation, where you are going and why you are in the limo. If it is for a party you planned and then invited people to it would be best to pay for the whole tip by yourself.

In other cases you would want to each pay for your own part. This would be if a group of friends if going out somewhere together. It would be nice to set this up ahead of time so no one has to feel awkward when it is time to leave the limo.

Tipping can be hard because a lot of times service people depend on them to make ends meet. You want to tip well but sometimes that is hard when you feel like you have paid a little too much for the service. Even if it is not the drivers fault you might think a large tip is just too much to pay.   


If you do have a lot of extra money and received good service, it would be nice to tip a higher amount. You will make the driver’s day and it is a nice thing to do. Not everyone has the extra money to do this so if you do, take advantage of it and make someone happy.

Before you ride in the limo, figure out what you are going to do about the tip. It will save you some trouble later on and it will make the ride a lot more peaceful. Try to tip as much as you can and thank the driver when they drop you off at your final location.

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