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How To Have A Great End Of Season Coach Trip

How To Have A Great End Of Season Coach Trip

It’s time for some much needed relaxation and fun, so why not plan an end of season coach trip? Whether it’s for the day or the weekend, bring along all your friends or family to see the sites, visit the places you’ve always wanted to and just enjoy being together.

Before you get too excited, there are few things you should consider to make sure your trip is a great one. With a little preparation, this could be your most memorable trip ever. You deserve a break, so sit back and have fun.

Plan All Your Stops

Take the time to plan all your stops in advance. Not only is this essential for your driver, but you’ll need to make sure everyone’s favorite stops are covered. Plus, you need to consider how much time you want to spend at each stop and ensure there is plenty of time to do everything you want, such as a walk in the park, a few hours on the beach or checking out a few local hot spots.

Coordinate With Everyone

The luxury limo, bus or coach will pick everyone up as a group or individually. Talk to the service and coordinate with all passengers to ensure they know what time they’ll be picked up and where. You should also make certain every passenger has a copy of the times for arrival and departure for each stop. Otherwise, you’ll be running around, trying to keep everyone together or, even worse, someone might get left behind.

Consider Activities

What will everyone do during the ride itself? Consider planning some fun activities to keep everyone entertained. You could have karaoke, trivia, fun snacks or anything else that your party enjoys. Just make sure anything you bring on the coach is approved.

Keep Supplies Light

Obviously, everyone will want to bring a few things with them. If you’re traveling day and night, a change of clothes might be needed, especially if you’re spending part of the day at the beach and part of it at a nice restaurant. However, luxury vehicles only have so much room. Besides, trying to keep up with too much stuff is just stressful on everyone.

Remind your passengers to pack light. Money, a change of clothes, their phone and a charger are the bare necessities.

Have A Roll Call

It might sound like something you’d only do in elementary school, but when you’re traveling with a dozen or more people and distracted by whatever you’re doing, it’s easy to leave someone behind. You’d be surprised how quickly an end of season coach trip can turn into a disaster as you have to turn around, pick up the missing passenger and then miss out on other activities as a result.

Choose The Right Vehicle

The vehicle and service you choose makes all the difference in your trip. For instance, a coach with cramped seating isn’t going to be pleasant for anyone. A party bus offers a more open area with plenty of seating. A luxury Hummer limo provides ample seating for a medium sized group with room to move around and even play games. The vehicle depends on how many people are in your party.

Hire In Advance

When renting a vehicle for your end of season coach trip, hire in advance. The longer you wait, the less options you might have to choose from. For instance, you might have a party of 20, but all that’s available is a vehicle for 12. Plan early and it’ll also be easier for everyone to contribute their share of the rental fee, making it an affordable and memorable trip for everyone.

Plan Your Trip Today

You know you already have ideas in mind, so start planning your end of season coach trip. Talk to everyone who’ll be going with you to determine the best stops and activities. As soon as you’ve finished planning, look at your vehicle options to find the right one for your group.

Have your trip planned out? Check out our extensive fleet to find the perfect limo or bus for your trip.

Image: Marika Bortolami

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