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Organize A Golf Limousine Tour For Competitive Fun With Friends

Organize A Golf Limousine Tour For Competitive Fun With Friends

Golf is relaxing, competitive and something you don’t do as often as you’d probably like. Give yourself and your friends a much deserved day out to visit some of your favorite courses, crown a champion and celebrate at your favorite restaurant.

Make it a day to remember by organizing a golf limousine tour. Imagine having ample room to sit back, laugh about missing par by just one shot and having a drink between courses. It’s easy to do. All you need is a comfortable, luxurious limo to help you arrive to every course is style.

Why A Golf Limousine Tour?

Sure, you could go the traditional route and load up your clubs and have everyone arrive separately. Where’s the fun in that? Make everyone wonder who the VIPs are as you arrive in a stretch limo. Besides, who feels like driving after a day out on the course? Often, it’s the extra driving that prevents you from going to more than one course a day.

We’ll pick everyone up, help load your clubs and handle all the traffic for you. Instead of spending the day driving separately, you get to talk to your friends the entire day. Even if you don’t get a coveted hole in one, you’ll feel like you did the moment you slip into the spacious interior and have a beer or glass of wine.

Choosing The Right Limo

Obviously, your golf limousine tour requires the perfect limousine. With a large fleet to choose from, picking the right one might seem overwhelming. Start by planning how many people you’ll take with you. You’ll need room for everyone and their equipment. Often times, a Hummer limo provides space for larger groups or a standard stretch works well for smaller groups.

We always let you check out our limos in person. This makes sure you know exactly what type of limo you’re getting. To make sure the right limo is available, plan ahead, especially during busy times, such as prom and wedding season.

Planning Your Courses

The next step is to plan your courses. If you start early in the morning, you could easily play at several different courses, giving you more variety and even more stress relief, unless of course, especially if you’re having the best game of your life.

Not sure where to start? CBS Local lists some of the most beautiful courses around. See which Los Angeles courses welcome visitors at Where2Golf. For courses and tee time info in Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas, AmericanGolf has you covered. We’ll work with you to plan the best arrangement so you get in more tee times.

Relaxing After Playing

Think your day is done once the sun goes down? Not at all. A golf limousine tour doesn’t have to end there. In fact, you could arrange an entire golf weekend. Schedule your limousine to take you to your favorite restaurant or try something new and exciting. Then, head to a luxury hotel to rest after playing all day. The next day, check out the green on yet another course.

Take the opportunity to play as much as you want over a few day period. Think of it as the ultimate vacation for golf lovers. Even if you’re not the best player, it’s the perfect getaway for you and your friends after working all week.

Organize Your Golf Limousine Tour

Organizing your golf limousine tour isn’t difficult. Gather your friends and plan out your dates, courses and hotel. The next step is to check out the available limousines in our fleet and book the perfect one to fit you and your friends comfortably. Tell us what types of beverages and snacks to stock and you’ll enjoy the ride almost as much as playing.

Excited for your own golf limousine tour? Don’t wait any longer. Contact American Limousine Service to book your limo today. 

Image: Jason Meredith

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