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The Best Corporate Team Building Activities Los Angeles

The Best Corporate Team Building Activities Los Angeles

Corporate team building activities help boost morale, bring employees closer together and give everyone a much needed break from the office. You might just find that your employees are even more productive with regular activities.

Los Angeles provides a wealth of different corporate team building activities to choose from. From small to large groups, there’s something for everyone. Stay indoors or get some fresh air outdoors. The choices are nearly limitless. Try something new each time to keep your team fully engaged.

Escape Rooms

Can your team solve challenging brain teasers and escape a room in just an hour? Let your team test their skills in an event that gets their hearts pumping and brains scrambling to find the answers. Los Angeles is full of different escape room challenges, such as Room Escape. Try out different scenarios with different groups. It’s fun, but forces a team to work together to make their way out.

Culinary Classes

Whether you love cooking or not, culinary classes and challenges are the perfect corporate team building activities. They’re usually ideal for medium to large groups and give your team the chance to learn and make incredible food at the same time. From full entrees to quick desserts, you’ll find activities to fit everyone. The Simple Gourmet Kitchen and FoodStory are just a few of the businesses bringing culinary team building to you.

Corporate Game Shows

Laugh, learn and grow as a team through your very own corporate game show. While it’s just one of the many corporate team building activities from Universal Studios Hollywood, it’s a unique option. Use it as a training exercise or just as a fun way to learn more about each other. Either way, no one will forget it.

Scavenger Hunts

Want to make your team think while exploring Los Angeles? Scavenger hunts are the perfect solution. Your team gets to run around Los Angeles as they solve clever clues. They’ll have to work together to complete the hunt. Divide large teams into smaller ones to turn it into a fun competition. You can customize them through companies such as Strayboots and Watson Adventures.

Make A Movie

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and TeamBonding gives your team the chance with their Make A Movie activity. It’s just one of many corporate team building activities available. Everyone takes on different roles to make their very own movie. The best part is sitting around and watching the creations when everyone’s finished. This type of activity helps bring out your team’s creativity and makes them think outside the box.

Crime Investigations

Who hasn’t watched a crime drama and dreamed of being an expert CI? Let your team try their hand at solving staged crimes through a Crime Investigators event through American Outback Adventures & Events. While they offer a wide range of activities to choose from, this is a great starting point for a unique activity. It’ll take the skills of your entire team to follow the evidence and solve the crime. Think of it as a real life version of the board game Clue.

Corporate Team Building Activities In Style

The biggest problem with corporate team building activities is getting everyone there at the same time. Some employees get lost and others are just late. Make sure everyone arrives together by hiring one or more limousines to carry your teams to their activities. A limo could even transport your team throughout their scavenger hunt or make an appearance in their movie. It’s a stylish and fun way to make corporate events even more exciting.

Start Planning Your Activities

Give your employees something to look forward to and build their team skills at the same time. Plan out some corporate team building activities and don’t forget to hire a limousine to get the team there and back. It might seem like a vacation to your employees, but they’ll be learning and growing stronger without even realizing it.

Have your next corporate activity planned? Contact American Limousine Service today to hire the perfect limo for the event.

Image: Michael Cardus

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