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Travel In Style: How To Choose The Right Limousine

Travel In Style: How To Choose The Right Limousine

If you want to travel in style, you have to choose the right limousine. When you think of style and luxury in travel, a stretch limo with your own personal chauffeur for the day, immediately springs to mind. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what the occasion is, traveling in style is the best way to arrive and make the day special.

It might not be a luxury you use all the time, but planning a random romantic dinner or having a girls’ day out is much nicer and memorable when a limousine arrives to pick everyone up. Let yourself live like a celebrity for a day. Travel in style, comfort and luxury all day and night.

Consider What You’re Doing

Choosing the right limo depends partially on what you plan on doing. If you want to take a group of a dozen of your closest friends out for night of club hopping, you’ll need something bigger than your standard stretch. An SUV limo works better, so everyone’s not all cramped up.

If you’re considering a romantic evening with you and your partner or even another couple, a smaller limousine works best and it’s usually more affordable. Whether you’re going on a picnic or to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the area, you’ll be traveling in style the entire way.

What Statement Do You Want To Make

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to travel in style. Some might think a new motorcycle is a dream come true, but it’s not exactly ideal for special occasions. Before choosing your dream limo, consider what type of statement you want to make as you arrive. A black Lincoln might make everyone around think you’re powerful, rich and mysterious. A white one might show you’re fun, light-hearted and eager to try new things.

Classic Or Unique?

You can’t go wrong with a classic limousine. It’s one of the reason a classic black or white stretch is the top choice for most people wanting to travel in style. Still, you don’t have to be conventional if you don’t want to. Opt for an SUV. Rent something besides black or white. It’s your day of luxury, so get the right limo that fits your own unique style and personality.

Avoid Fine Print Surprises

If you’re already searching for limousines, you’ll probably notice that base pricing for most services varies little. Overall, rates tend to be comparable among companies in the same area. It’s the fine print you have to watch out for. For instance, some limos come with complimentary champagne or wine while others include champagne, but charge for every bottle opened.

Talk to the service and make sure you understand the fine print. Is the quoted price for everything or will you be charged extra for fuel, tip and amenities separately? If you’re looking to save money, see if the service allows you to bring your own amenities, such as wine or snacks. Never choose a service that isn’t upfront about all costs.

Another consideration is the deposit. Every limousine service requires a deposit, but the amount varies per service. Usually, anything over 50% should be avoided. Make sure you know what the amount is and the final total before renting the limo.

Don’t Take Their Word For It

You want to travel in style, but you shouldn’t have to take a limo service’s word about what the limousine looks like. A limo service isn’t going to be insulted if you ask to check out their fleet before renting anything. After all, if you’re paying hundreds for a special day or night out, you should get to inspect what you’re renting. Look inside and out. You should even smell the interior to ensure it’s been thoroughly cleaned after past passengers.

Travel In Style, Not Disappointment

Let yourself travel in style, not disappointment. You work hard and deserve a day filled with comfort and luxury. Plan out everything you want to do and bring along your loved ones and friends. Let everyone around envy you as you sit back, sip a fine wine and let someone else do all the driving. That is how you truly travel in style.

Ready to travel in style in a luxurious limousine? Check out our stylish fleet today to pick out your perfect limo.


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