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4 Things You Can Do To Plan Your Limousine Travel

4 Things You Can Do To Plan Your Limousine Travel

You want to rent a limo for prom, a wedding, a big night out or even a corporate event. You call to hire a limo, but when they start asking questions about your route and time frame, you don’t have the answers. One of the most important step before hiring a limo is to fully plan your limousine travel.

A limo service can help, but ultimately, you’re the one who has to choose where to go and how long you’ll be. The driver can then take care of you for the entire duration of your ride.

Plan Out Your Times

How long will you need the limo? Remember that you need to include wait time as well. For instance, if you’re heading to prom, you would want to start from the moment you’re picked up to you’re dropped back off that night. For corporate events, you may not have the limo wait if it’s an all day event. Instead, the limo would come back later that evening.

Know the exact times of all your stops. To make sure you don’t go over your quoted time, pad the time. If you’re expecting your entire time frame to be five hours, add an extra hour. This makes sure you never feel rushed and have ample time to enjoy your event and limo.

Know All Stops

Your driver needs time in advance to plan out the best possible routes to get you to and from your destinations on time. With Los Angeles traffic being some of the worst in the nation, you want your driver to be prepared instead of wasting your time and money stuck in a traffic jam. Drivers work to avoid the busiest areas and can advise if more time may be needed, depending on your destinations.

Don’t suddenly decide to add in 10 different stops after your limo arrives. This will add to the cost. For instance, if you plan to go to a few after prom parties, know the addresses and how long you plan to stay at each. Plan all stops in advance. It’s one of the most crucial steps to plan your limousine travel. If you’re having trouble with your time frame, driving to each destination yourself may help your calculate travel times easier.

Plan Out Cost Structure

The more prepared you are, the easier it is to get a solid quote. Know upfront how much everything will cost, down to the driver’s tip. Depending on the limo service, the deposit amount varies as well as any cancellations fees. If you’re planning on sharing the limo, go ahead and divide out the costs in advance. This makes sure everyone has time to save for the special evening, such as with prom or a bachelorette party.

Prepare All Extras

Don’t expect a limo service to magically know everything you need. Do you want specific music played or a certain type of wine? Plan for this well in advance. Some amenities are provided by the limo service. Determine what is and isn’t offered. For an extra fee, special requests can be catered to or you can bring along your own items, such as music and video.

Make a list of everything you need before hiring a limo. You can discuss your list with the service to see what they provide already and what you may need to provide yourself. Most services will allow you to bring any extra items ahead of time so the limo is fully ready the day of your event.


A limo service doesn’t plan your limousine travel for you. They’re there to help work out any kinks, find the best routes for your destinations and get you safely from one destination to another. Make your day or night as special as possible by doing the planning well before your event. It’ll make life easier for you and the limo service.

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Image: Jeff Turner

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