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Exceptional Limousine Service Always Offers 5 Things

Exceptional Limousine Service Always Offers 5 Things

When searching for a limo, you want to hire an exceptional limousine service. It’s your hard earned money and you only want the best possible limousine and experience. This means not settling for anything other than a truly exceptional service.

The problem is, what does exceptional actually mean? You might know what an exceptional cup of coffee is, but what does it mean for a limo service? It’s easy to pick out the elite by ensuring the service meets these five criteria.

1. Variety Of Limousines

Do you really want a service that only offers one type of limousine? You deserve to have options and an exceptional limousine service provides plenty of variety. Some services say they have a huge fleet and only have three limos to choose from. The best services offer multiple types of stretch, SUV and party buses. They even provide corporate sedans for when a full stretch isn’t necessary.

2. Different Services For Different Occasions

Some limousine services stand out from the rest because they already know that limos aren’t just for one occasion. For instance, we offer a variety of different services, such as airport transfers, private tours and weddings. We’re even adding more all the time. Odds are, an exceptional service already has a specific package in place for your event, from club hopping to bringing home a newborn.

You want a service that has experience in handling a wide variety of occasions. This means they understand the protocols and their chauffeurs know how to act properly for the occasion. The last thing you want is a service that provides the exact same limo, service and amenities for every single event.

3. Caters To All Types Of Clients

You often think of limousines only being for the rich and famous, but an exceptional limousine service should make everyone feel like a celebrity. This means the service needs to cater to everyone from a Fortune 500 CEO to 16 year-olds heading to prom. The amenities and type of limousine would vary based on the client. After all, a business executive probably isn’t going to enjoy color changing lights on his way to an important business luncheon, but the teens would love it.

4. Fully Loaded Limos

Fully loaded sounds like a wonderful thing and it is, especially when it comes to limos. Some services charge extra for every little amenity, but exceptional services provide fully loaded limousines. From color TVs and stereo systems to crystal glassware and a complimentary bar, your limo should have it all.

While the exact list of amenities may vary based on the service, you should never feel like you’re settling. Another thing to remember is the best services are completely upfront about what’s included and what might cost extra. Hidden fees are a sign of a less than exceptional service.

5. Private Requests When Possible

Finally, an exceptional limousine service is happy to honor any private requests you might have, if they’re reasonable. For instance, a service isn’t going to provide a stocked bar to any underage passengers. The service will work to make your experience perfect by providing any extras you ask for, such as a red carpet or even a specific music playlist.

Perhaps you want a specific type of wine or you want the limo decorated a little to match your event. All you have to do is ask and the service will go the extra mile to make it happen.

Hire An Exceptional Limousine Service

You don’t have to settle for less than you deserve. Hiring a limo should be a memorable experience, in a good way. Always search until you find an exceptional limousine service. The five qualities above will make the service stand out from the competition.

Tired of settling when you know you deserve better? Only work with the best by hiring American Limousine Service today.

Image: Joe Shlabotnik

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