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How To Get Around Los Angeles In Luxury

How To Get Around Los Angeles In Luxury

Why travel like the average person when you could travel around Los Angeles in luxury? It might not be something you do everyday, but treating yourself to a luxurious evening, arriving at the finest restaurant in a stretch limo is a must now and then. You deserve it.

Luxury might seem like something out of reach, but it’s attainable. Imagine spending the day with your friends, dressed in designer dresses, pulling up in a limo and making everyone wonder which celebrities might be inside. It all starts with hiring a limo.

Travel Like The Rich

In the past, limousines were a status symbol and usually on the rich and famous could afford to hire or buy one. They still carry that rich status, but now it’s far more affordable for everyone to take a limo to a special event or a romantic evening. You can cruise down the streets of Los Angeles, seated comfortably and worrying about nothing except having a good time.

Enjoy Luxurious Seating

There’s not luxurious about having to look in your rearview mirror to talk to your friends while trying to navigate heavy traffic. Even the most comfortable cars still aren’t quite as nice as being able to stretch out your legs and recline against soft leather seats. Nothing screams luxury quite like sitting back, relaxing and casually spending time with your friends as the world around you stares in envy.

While you’re riding along to your destination, listen to mood music, further adding to your comfort. Since you’re able to face your friends or loved ones, there’s no awkward backward glances or trying to shout into the back or front seats. When you see celebrities smiling as they exit their limos at red carpet events, the luxurious seating and stress free ride are the reasons.

Choose The Perfect Ride

Limos are always going to be considered a luxury symbol. While you might see more limos around the area, getting around Los Angeles in luxury still starts by choosing the perfect ride. Your idea of a luxury limo might be a large Hummer while someone else might prefer the more classic Lincoln. That’s why it’s important to start your VIP treatment by choosing the right limo for you.

No matter what type you choose, it’s hard to deny the feeling of being one of the elite as a limousine pulls up and a chauffeur opens the door for you to enter. If you want to add something special as you go around Los Angeles, this is the perfect way to do it.

Amenities For All

You’re not going to find wrap around seating, privacy partitions, a complimentary bar and crystal glassware in your average vehicle. What’s most luxurious about limos is having someone else drive you around while you sip champagne, listen to music and chat with friends. If you’re going to clubs or out for a nice dinner, start your evening with a luxury limo that waits to take you from one destination to another for your entire evening.

Watch TV as you ride or get the party started early with your friends by having a few drinks and singing along as fiber optic neon lights set the mood. No matter what your reason for wanting a night of luxury, the amenities help add that final bit of celebrity treatment that will make you feel like the biggest and brightest star in Los Angeles.


Romantic evenings, special nights out with friends or even touring the area are all ideal reasons to treat yourself to a day of luxury. Get the VIP treatment you deserve by traveling around Los Angeles in luxury in a stylish limo. You don’t have to be rich and famous to get some of the same luxuries.

Ready for your own luxurious ride around Los Angeles? Contact American Limousine Service today to check out your options and book your reservation today. 

Image: Joe Shlabotnik

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