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7 Best Scenic Drives In Los Angeles

7 Best Scenic Drives In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with numerous scenic routes to experience alone or with friends and loved ones. The only problem with driving yourself is you often miss out on seeing that once in a lifetime moment as the sun sets beyond the treeline or the majesty of the scenery around you.

Experience some of the most scenic drives in Los Angeles by renting a limo for you and your friends. Talk, laugh and marvel at the sights without worrying about traffic or even watching the road. Besides, what’s one of the best parts of a scenic drives? Relaxing. It’s much easier to do that when you’re not the one behind the wheel.

1. Pacific Coast Highway

Let the coastal breeze take your stress away as you cruise along the iconic coastal highway. Marvel at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean as you travel along Highway 1. Experience everything from the golden beaches of Santa Monica, where you just might see some celebrities sunbathing, to the beautiful cliffs in Malibu.

2. Palos Verdes Drive

Explore the stunning beauty of the Palos Verdes peninsula as you catch glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Alcove beaches and rugged cliffs make this a drive you’ll want to take as often as possible. If you’ve ever seen Pirates Of The Caribbean, you might even recognize a few spots.

3. Angeles Crest Scenic Byway

Escape the crowded city and let the quiet forest surround you. With elevations up to 7,900 feet, you’ll want to slow down as you view the gorgeous city of Los Angeles from above. You’ll even catch glimpses of the Mojave Desert. It’s quite possibly one of the most scenic drives in Los Angeles.

4. Mulholland Drive

Catch glimpses of some of your favorite celebrity’s homes while driving along the infamous Mulholland Drive. Twist and turn through the Santa Monica Mountains. This is one drive you’ll definitely want a chauffeur for as you don’t want to miss stunning views of the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles Basin.

5. Arroyo Seco Parkway

Ride along what’s considered the west’s first actual freeway. Though it seems simple now, you’ll still enjoy cruising along the historic parkway with stunning bridges and tunnels. Follow the parkway and you’ll even start seeing the San Gabriel Mountains as you start to approach Pasadena.

6. Sunset Blvd.

When you’re ready to step into the heart of Los Angeles, you have to cruise down Sunset Blvd. Stop at some of the hottest clubs and restaurants. People watch from the comfort of a limousine. Most important, take your drive at night to see the strip lit glowing and truly alive. If you want to see more of the hottest areas of Los Angeles, consider adding Hollywood Blvd. and Melrose Avenue to your drive.

7. Wilshire Blvd.

Travel through the center of the city and spend all day and evening exploring the diversity of Los Angeles. Though heavily trafficked, sitting comfortably in a limo will make this scenic drive even more enjoyable. Go from historic downtown with massive skyscrapers to catching hints of the Pacific Ocean. It’s only 16 miles, but if you want to experience Los Angeles, this is the drive you have to take at least once.

Start Exploring Los Angeles

It’s not just a bustling city that often hosts celebrity events. Get out and take some scenic drives in Los Angeles. Explore from coast to mountains and everything in between. While you’re at it, why let traffic ruin your experience? Treat yourself and spend the day and evening with your closest friends, family or even a romantic partner. Hire a limo and let someone else take care of you all day. It’s peaceful, luxurious and you’ll see Los Angeles in a way you never have before.

Ready to take your own scenic drive, but don’t want to actually drive? Contact American Limousine Service today to hire a limo complete with all the extras to make your drive extra memorable.

Image: Al Pavangkanan

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