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What To Look For In A Great Limousine Service

What To Look For In A Great Limousine Service

As with most services, you have three options when it comes to picking a limousine service – bad, good and great. Which sounds better to you? Obviously, a great limousine service is what you’d prefer, especially when it’s a large part of your special day or evening. Sadly, we’ve heard stories of people who thought they could settle for just good enough and were sorely disappointed in the end.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A great limousine service isn’t hard to find if you know what you’re looking for. After all, you’d do some research before buying a big screen TV, right? The same goes for choosing a limo service to make your night not just good, but great. If you can answer yes to all six questions below, you’ve found the right service.

Will They Meet With You?

Any limousine service that isn’t willing to meet with you in person isn’t a reputable company. While it’s not mandatory to meet when hiring a limo, you should always know what you’re getting. Someone could promise you anything over the phone, but when you see a service’s fleet, meet some of their drivers and get to discuss details in person, you feel more confident in the service you’re hiring. Plus, a service who’ll meet with you has nothing to hide.

Are Costs Clear Beforehand?

Before the limo arrives, you should have a piece of paper or email listing all costs along with a final total. You should be able to easily see how much everything costs, including deposits and when they’re due. The last thing you want to worry about is surprise costs after you’ve already booked.

Were Others Happy?

The internet isn’t always the most reliable source of information, but it is ideal for researching the reputation of a limo service. A great limousine service has very few bad reviews, if any at all. The majority are positive and talk about the professionalism of the driver, how punctual the limo was and the overall quality of the service and amenities. Reviews also show you just how long the service has been satisfying customers.

Do They Handle Special Requests?

Do you have a specific lighting preference or want only a certain wine? Does a member of your party need assistance getting in and out? The best limousine services work hard to honor special requests to make your night special. Obviously, you need to talk to the service in advance so the driver and limo can be prepared according to your requests. We don’t believe limos are a one size fits all model. It’s your night, so you deserve to customize the service within reasonable limits.

Is Safety A Priority?

You might be more concerned with amenities and limo choices, but one of the most important aspects of choosing a great limousine service is ensuring you’ll have a safe ride to your destinations. You’re paying for a quality limousine, so it should be safe for you and your friends. Talk to the service about any safety features and ensure the service meets all the latest regulations.

Is The Service Competitively Priced?

No, cheap isn’t a good thing. Cheap might be great when buying your favorite clothing brand on sale, but not when it comes to hiring a limousine. Think about when you’re buying a car. The cheapest one is usually a lemon that looks good on the outside, but when you start to drive away, you hear the engine knocking and notice tape holding the interior together.

The same goes for limousine services. Cheap equates to bad service and low quality limos with few to no amenities. Luxury comes with a price and you do get what you pay for. There’s a difference between reasonable and cheap. If a service is far undercutting the competition, it’s not a good option.

Time To Choose

Rely on this list of questions to help you find a great limousine service. While things, such as amenities and having specific types of limos are important, a great service likely already has you covered on both of those. Start doing your research several months in advance to find the right limo service for your needs.

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