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3 Tips For Hiring A Corporate Transport Service

3 Tips For Hiring A Corporate Transport Service

When you have special guests arriving or business executives coming to visit, you shouldn’t leave them to fend for themselves. The Los Angeles area isn’t easy to navigate if you’re not used to it. Instead, give your visitors the VIP treatment by hiring a corporate transport service.

Using a professional service ensures your clients and employees arrive safely and on time. Plus, it shows your clients that you care about their needs and time. Not only does it benefit you, but it makes their trip a little easier and more comfortable. Before you hire someone, there are several things to consider.

1. Check Their Background

Do your homework ahead of time instead of hiring someone at the last minute. The last thing you want to do is hire a service that barely knows the area or even worse, doesn’t show up at all. Treating your visitors like this could ruin your reputation. You won’t even know anything happened until they call to tell you they’ve left because of the service you hired.

For instance, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer let an opportunity pass her by simply by not arriving on time to an important meeting. Her excuse – she over-slept. You don’t want a service that gives you lame excuses like that when your business is on the line. You want professionalism and a service that can deliver exactly what they promise and more.

Look at reviews and see how long the corporate transport service has been in business. Look at the size of their fleet as well. More experience, better customer service and more options are always a good thing.

2. Know Your Options

While a limo is certainly impressive, you might not need something that large to transport a single visitor. Corporate sedans are still elegant, efficient and impressive to your guests. It’s the personalized service that matters most. After all, which provides a better experience – a random taxi or a personal corporate car?

Look at all the available options when hiring a service. Reputable services allow you to look at their fleet before you hire them. You can see all your options so you know what you’re getting in advance and don’t end up with a lemon when you need a car most.

Be wary of services that only try to push one type of vehicle. You should be able to rent the type of car you want, whether it’s a limo or sedan. It’s one thing if you’re calling at the last minute and the car you want isn’t available, but when planning in advance, you shouldn’t have to worry about a service that pushes you to hire what you don’t want or need.

3. Focus On Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of hiring a corporate transport service. You want to make sure the service you hire follows your directions and treats your guests with the utmost respect. For instance, if you have international business guests arriving, certain etiquette may need to be followed by the driver to avoid offending anyone.

A professional service that puts their customers’ needs first and foremost will make notes about any special needs you have. They’ll also work with you to ensure all required amenities are in place.

If you’re hiring a service and they don’t ask many questions about destinations, time frame or special needs, they’re probably not the right service for you. Of course, you should have all these questions answered before you start to hire someone. The more information you provide, the better service the company can provide for you and your clients.

Hire The Right Service

By doing your homework and planning in advance, it’s easy to find the right corporate transport service to drive your guests, executives and employees to your business or event. You can even hire them to drive your guests around throughout the day. Treat your guests well and build better relationships and it all starts with hiring a professional service.

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