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7 Party Ideas To Hold In A Party Bus

7 Party Ideas To Hold In A Party Bus

Who hasn’t held a party at a house or restaurant? It’s fun, but don’t you want to try something different? It’s hard not to get excited when you see a group of happy people laughing, dancing and having fun as they drive by on a party bus. The problem is, you can’t think of any good party bus party ideas.

You don’t actually need any special occasion to hire a party bus. Just wanting to have fun with your friends is enough. Still, there are several common types of parties we have had booked on a regular basis. If you need an idea, just try one of these.

1. Tailgate Parties

Party buses and tailgate parties might not sound like the perfect match, but it’s the perfect way to spend the day watching the game, drinking beer and hanging out with friends. Imagine not having to worry about traffic or choosing a designated driver. Go to the game or just hang out in the parking lot.

2. Birthday Parties

Is there any better reason for a party bus? Celebrate your own birthday or surprise a friend with an evening on a party bus listening to your favorite music, dancing and hitting up the hottest clubs and restaurants around. The best part – no one is stuck with hosting at their own house.

3. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The one thing that holds true for both bachelor and bachelorette parties is they get a little wild. Gather everyone together for a fun night before the big day. Go bar hopping and let everyone join in, play fun games, party your way to a fancy dinner or anything else that comes to mind.

4. Concert Parties

Why should a concert just be a concert? An increasingly popular party bus party idea is a concert party. Forget sitting in boring traffic going into and out of the concert. Just hop on the bus and it’s a non-stop party before, during and after the show. What more could you ask for?

5. Prom Night

A standard limo is nice for prom, but why limit the dancing to prom? Get a group of other couples or singles together for a prom night party on an exciting party bus. Dance to your favorite music, play games and spend extra time with your friends. Even parents love it since they don’t have to worry about their teens driving around late into the night.

6. Club Hopping

It’s such as hassle trying to find a designated driver. After all, who wants to haul around tipsy friends while they’re stuck being sober? The solution is simple – use a party bus. Climb on board and party all night as your driver takes you from club to club or even bar to bar. All you have to worry about is getting back to the bus at the right time and having fun. It’s the perfect solution for a thrilling, yet safe clubbing night.

7. Wine Tastings

Want to check out the latest wine or beer tasting festivals? Why limit yourself just because you have to drive home? Let someone else drive you and let the fun continue by hiring a party bus. You can sample as much as you want and relax on the way home while everyone talks, laughs, watches TV or listens to music.

Start Your Party Today

As you can see, the only limit to party bus party ideas is your imagination. Want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day? Hire a bus. Need a fun girl’s night for no reason at all? Hire a party bus. When you want to party, have fun and be safely transported from place to place, all you need to do is book a party bus with all the amenities you need for your group.

Have a great party idea and need to hire your own party bus? Give American Limousine Services a call today to book yours.

Image: Katherine McAdoo

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