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How To Tour Los Angeles Celebrity Homes In Comfort And Style

How To Tour Los Angeles Celebrity Homes In Comfort And Style

You’re ready to try and catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity while visiting Los Angeles. You could do what most tourists do and ride a cramped bus, have the driver pay zero attention to you and likely not see anything. Celebrities work hard to avoid those tour buses, but you have another option.

Tour Los Angeles celebrity homes without dozens of other people getting in the way. Relax in comfort as you cruise through celebrity neighborhoods, camouflaged in a luxury limo filled with only your closest friends. You’re trying to see celebrities, so why not blend in with the same sense of style they all have?

Skip The Crowd

The reason many tourists and even long time residents avoid regular celebrity tours is they’re crowded and uncomfortable. Do you really want to be seen trying to crane your neck to see a celebrity’s gardener from the top of a bus? Not to mention, buses kind of stick out like a sore thumb in celebrity neighborhoods.

Try a limo tour instead. A private tour is just for you and those you choose. Want it to just be you and your significant other? No problem. Sip champagne and snack on delectable cookies as you ride along inconspicuously. Not only do you avoid the crows, but you fit right in.

Feel Like A Celebrity

The numerous celebrities in Los Angeles don’t take buses to special events. They ride in stylish limousines with all the amenities. Make your tour of Los Angeles celebrity homes feel like you’re an A-lister yourself, being transported to the Grammy’s or Oscars. Catch glimpses of celebrities you’d normally only see on TV, all from the comfort of soft leather seats. The best part is the tinted windows keep celebrities wondering who’s the important person in the limo.

Get Personalized Treatment

Screaming at tour guide over the shouting of 100 other people isn’t the image of comfort or style. You should be able to speak in a normal tone to a driver who can answer your questions easily. Do you see celebrities vying for attention among crowds? Not at all. If you want to see celebrities, you have to act and think like one.

Hiring a limo for a personalized tour gives you access to a driver who is interested in answering your questions and making your tour as memorable and comfortable as possible. It’s a much more comfortable tour when you’re not hoarse later from shouting.

Enjoy Entertainment Between Homes

The same boring stories the bus drivers tell as you ride along with sweaty strangers pressed against you aren’t exactly entertaining. Don’t subject yourself to that when you could be watching your favorite actor’s latest movie or listening to your favorite band’s new album. Tune out the world as you ride comfortably with only a handpicked few between celebrity homes. It’s peaceful and you’ll get closer to celebrities than you ever would on a bus tour.

Take Your Time

If you’ve ever been on a standard tour, you know how rushed things can be. You’re ready to take a picture of a celebrity home only to have the bus pull away when you finally get your turn. Limo tours allow you to take your time and not have to rush to see around dozens of others before the bus driver continues on. Sit back and look out the window when your driver tells you. No rushing, no drama and all luxury.

Relax In Comfort And Style

You don’t have to tour Los Angeles celebrity homes like a regular tourist. You deserve a luxurious experience that makes you feel like the celebrity. Gather a few close friends and book a limo tour. It’s stylish and comfortable and you won’t need a fanny pack full of snacks either. Enjoy a nice bar and snacks while you see celebrity homes closer than any bus tour.

Want something better than a crowded bus tour? Let us help you see celebrity homes in Los Angeles the right way – in comfortable style. 

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