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Airport Transfers: Key Benefits Of Hiring Limousines

Airport Transfers: Key Benefits Of Hiring Limousines

Airport Transfers: Key Benefits Of Hiring Limousines. After spending hours on a plane, all you and/or your guests want are comfortable, peaceful airport transfers. Taxis don’t exactly meet either of those criteria. If you want to start their visit off right, consider hiring a limousine and have it waiting for them.

From corporate travelers to hotel guests, limos are impressive, luxurious and most importantly, relaxing after a long flight. Naturally, the limo can be used throughout the entire stay. Whether it’s just for airport transfers or the entire trip, limousines take the lag out of any flight.

No Waits Or Delays

Reputable services always arrive early, whether they’re picking up or dropping off. This means no one is waiting for an available taxi after their flight or even worse, missing a flight because their ride arrived too late. Services usually monitor traffic and re-route their chauffeurs as needed to keep everything on schedule. Adding in a little extra time ensures traffic delays don’t delay airline passengers.

Elegant First Impression

For businesses wanting to impress out of town guests or hotels looking to draw in more business, using limousines for your airport transfers makes a memorable and elegant first impression. The sooner you impress guests, the more likely they are to agree to a major deal or stay at your hotel again.

If you start with a limo and continue to do little things throughout a business guest’s visit, word spreads about how well you treat your clients. This could lead to more business.

Avoid The Traffic

Whether you’re hiring a limo for yourself or a guest, the biggest benefit is avoiding the traffic. Hiring a car and driving yourself is a nightmare, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. With a taxi, all you get to hear is road rage as the driver tries to navigate heavy airport traffic.

While a limo can’t magically avoid traffic, you or your guests are able to relax in a quiet, comfortable limo. The professional driver stays polite and quiet and there is even a privacy panel if you want complete privacy.

Extra Productivity

For businesses, hiring limousines for airport transfers is a no-brainer. The peaceful, yet professional interior makes the perfect place for meetings, polishing presentations or just making introductions. Instead of wasting the half hour or more during the transfer, everyone is able to be far more productive. Extra productivity saves you money, making the limo well worth it.

Think of everything you could do that you couldn’t do while driving or even in a taxi. The cramped space isn’t ideal for laptops and there is no privacy for phone calls. Limos offer smoother rides, so if you’re writing on a pad or whiteboard, all your notes are still legible.

No Getting Lost

No one has time to waste on getting lost. Airport transfers are nightmares when your driver doesn’t know how to get to a hotel, business or restaurant. By hiring a limousine in advance, the route is already planned out and you or your guests reach their destinations in the most efficient manner. Simply taking the wrong exit could leave you or your guests lost for hours. That could ruin a big deal or result in missed flights.

Offer A Brief Respite

Spending even an hour inside a limo during airport transfers is a welcome respite after a long flight or hectic visit. If you’re hiring the limo for someone else, they’ll greatly appreciate the gesture. If you’re hiring it for yourself, it’s a well deserved luxury. When schedules always seem to be too busy for anything resembling rest, a quiet, smooth ride without having to drive is something everyone deserves.

Airport Transfers The Right Way

Airport transfers don’t have to involve impersonal taxis or navigating heavy traffic in a rental car. The right way is to have a limousine pick you up and/or drop you off right at the curb. It’s efficient, luxurious and productive. It’s the best possible way to get to and from the airport with the least amount of stress.

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Image: Glenn Beltz

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