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How To Choose The Right Limousine To Hire

How To Choose The Right Limousine To Hire

Check Yelp and you’ll find over 1500 results for limousines just in the Los Angeles area, so how are you supposed to choose the right limousine for your special night out?

It’s important to take your time and make sure the limo service you use is not only reputable, but meets all your criteria as well. Pick the right one and you’ll have an experience you’ll always remember.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, hiring a limo means doing a little research. Once you find the right service, though, you’ll never have to search again.

Years Of Experience

Obviously, you wouldn’t want a service that’s brand new to the area and may not even know how to get to the destinations you need. The longer a limousine service has been in business in a specific area, the more experienced they are at getting you where you need to be on time, every time. For instance, we’re proud to have offered our services since 1974.

Fleet Size

Every limo service has its own unique fleet. The number and type of vehicles varies. If you want a specific type of limo, such as a newer SUV limo, you’d want to check that the service you hire has that model in their fleet. As of 2015, the average fleet size was 23 with a total of 108,000 chauffeured vehicles across the country.

Ability To Preview

You should never hire a limo from a new service without previewing it first. While it may not always be possible, it’s a good idea to ensure the limo meets your standards. You might think you’re getting a deal by hiring an older limo from a smaller company, but you might be surprised when your big day comes and you get a scratched up clunker that smells like a landfill.

Reputable limo services will allow you to check out the actual limo you’re wanting to hire. You’ll be able to see if it’s what you dreamed of or a nightmare to avoid.

No Hidden Fees

Cost is likely one of your biggest considerations. You shouldn’t choose the right limousine based on price alone, but getting a good deal is a definite plus. When booking your limo, explain everything you need, such as destinations, time you’ll require the limo and any amenities. When you’re quoted a price, ask if that includes everything. You don’t want to be hit with hidden fees when it comes time to finish paying for your limo.


Reviews are your best friend when it comes to hiring a limo. Research companies on online review sites and talk to your friends, co-workers and family. The more information you have about a service, the easier it is to make the right choice.

Types Of Amenities

The last thing you want is to hire a limo that’s little more than a longer taxi. The whole purpose of using a limo versus taxis is for luxury. For instance, is there a TV for while you’re sitting in traffic and comfortable, leather seats to fit your entire party? What about drinks to keep your party going while you ride from one destination to another? Check to see if the limo you want has all the amenities you and your party require.


You might not think about safety right away, but you want to hire a limo that will provide you with the safest trip possible. After all, you’re supposed to be able to relax, not sit and worry about safety. Ask if the limo driver is trained and if the service has the proper certification. Also check if they have liability insurance in the rare event an accident happens. These aren’t the most fun questions to ask, but it’s better to be thorough than sorry. Besides, a reputable company won’t hesitate to answer.


It’s not hard to choose the right limousine to hire. All you have to do is a little homework. Once you’ve found the right service, it’s simply a matter of picking one of their quality limos that fits you and your party’s needs. After that, sit back and enjoy the perfect limo.

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Image: Alan Light

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