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Reasons For Hiring A Limousine – 5 Not So Conventional Ones

Reasons For Hiring A Limousine – 5 Not So Conventional Ones

Can’t think of any reasons for hiring a limousine? Limos aren’t always for romantic dinners, weddings, proms and your other standard special events. You honestly don’t need any special reason. Wanting the luxury of a limo is enough.

If you really need a reason, try an unconventional one. These unique ideas will spark your own imagination and prove that you can hire a limo for nearly any reason. As long as you’re wanting to enjoy a comfortable ride, you’ve got a great reason.

1. On-The-Go Meetings

Think of all the wasted time traveling between meetings. Some business executives actually hold on-the-go meetings between destinations. For instance, a business might pick up out of town guests at their hotel, hold the meeting while traveling and then drop them off at work. For businesses with multiple locations, this works well as meetings can be held between destinations, allowing executives to get more done, in less time.

2. Moving To A New House

Moving might not strike you as a limo worthy event, but it’s actually the perfect time. Moving to a new house is a major event in your life. Why not make it extra special by arriving in style? When you’re not moving too far off, a limousine gives you a little while to relax after all the stress of packing and prepping for the big move.

If you’re looking for even more reasons for hiring a limousine, besides spoiling yourself, consider those who’ve helped you move. Don’t they deserve something nice? Let everyone ride together and have some celebratory drinks along the way.

3. Fun In The Sun Picnic

Picnics are supposed to be relaxing, but that doesn’t mean the drive back and forth can’t be just as relaxing. Arriving at a gorgeous, serene park is only made better by arriving in an elegant limousine. While dating might seem like one of the top reasons for hiring a limousine, picnics don’t have to be limited to a couple or even a few couples. They’re ideal for families as well. Get a few families together for a fun day at a lake, park or campground.

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic spot, see these picnic guides for Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County.

4. Parent And Child Day

The possibilities are endless with this not so conventional reason. Some parents are opting to bring their kids home from the hospital in limos, while others make their children feel special by planning a mommy and/or daddy and me day. Father daughter dances might be a more common reason.

Some parents even hire limousines for play dates. They get together with several other parents and both parents and kids can talk and interact while heading to fun activities like parks and children’s museums.

5. Reward For Kids

Some schools and even parents are rewarding kids with a ride in a limo. This is becoming one of the more popular reasons for hiring a limousine on this list. For school fundraisers, the top sellers may get rewarded with a ride to school or a ride to a local restaurant after school in an elegant limo. Kids who’ve maintained certain grades might get rewarded by their school or even their parents.

Some parents are even getting together to rent limos for their kids as they graduate from middle and high school. Kids in limos might not seem traditional, but even kids deserve the finer things in life sometimes.

Numerous Reasons For Hiring A Limousine

There are numerous reasons for hiring a limousine. Don’t wait for that perfect occasion. Make up your own special event, even if it doesn’t seem like a traditional reason. Limousines are for nearly any reason you can think up. If you just need a day of luxury or prefer not to take the winning little league team for pizza in your own van, hire a limo. You come up with the reason and we’ll supply the limo.

Have your own reason for hiring a limo? Contact American Limousine Service today to find the right limo for your needs. 

Image: Donnie Ray Jones

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