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How To Impress Your Out Of Town Business Guests

How To Impress Your Out Of Town Business Guests

You have business guests arriving and your top priority is making sure they enjoy their visit. The better impression you make, the more your out of town guests will remember your hospitality and business.

Whether it’s clients or fellow executives from another office, it’s important to impress out of town business guests. With a little planning before the visit, your visitors will enjoy themselves and you’ll be known as the business that puts their visitors first.

Well Organized Plan

Nothing is more disappointing than arriving in a new city only to have your host clueless about what happens when you arrive. Don’t be that host. Work out all the fine details well in advance. Consider the following and you’ll be well on your way to impressing all your business guests:

  • Transportation
  • Meeting them at the airport
  • Making hotel reservations
  • Business meeting times
  • Possible tour of the area
  • Meal plans

Your guests could handle most of this on their own, but it’s far more impressive when the host already has things well in hand.

Reliable, Luxurious Transportation

This is your first chance to make a lasting first impression. When your business guests get off the plane, they’re likely tired and don’t want to have to ride in a dingy cab that’ll likely get them stuck in busy Los Angeles traffic. That’s not a good start to the visit.

Instead, arrange reliable, luxurious transportation for the entire trip. Hire a corporate car or corporate limo to take your out of town guests to their hotel, business meetings and restaurants. They’ll be impressed with the personalized service. When you work with American Limousine Service, we’ll even charter transportation to ensure your guests have a driver available all day.

Having transportation already arranged prevents your guests from being late. Trying to navigate a new city, especially if they rent their own car, isn’t always easy. Make sure they don’t miss out on big meetings or even their plane ride home by having a car ready to get them to their destinations on time.

Even if you can’t be there to meet them yourself, a professional driver awaiting their arrival and making their travel throughout the area more relaxing will make lasting impression.

The Best Dining In The Area

If possible, find out what your guests like to eat. Make a list of the best restaurants in the area that fit their tastes. Hire a corporate car or even limo for fancier restaurants or a corporate dinner to drive your guests from their hotel to the restaurant of their choice. With an overwhelming amount of dining choices, you can impress out of town business guests easily just by picking out the best ahead of time and arranging transportation so they don’t get lost along the way.

Special Business Event

You want your guests to feel special. Hold a special event in their honor. After all, they’ve traveled and are staying in a hotel just to meet with you. Make a point of holding a special event at your business for them to meet with other executives or host a business dinner at a quiet restaurant for everyone to visit and get to know your guests.

For events outside your business, hire a corporate limousine to pick up everyone attending. Not only will everyone be able to talk in the restaurant, but in the limo as well. This ensures no one is late and everyone arrives at the same time. It’s also classy and impressive.


Impressing your out of town business guests isn’t difficult. All you have to do is plan in advance. Think about how you would like to be treated. What’s more impressive and memorable? Being on your own the whole trip or having a professional, corporate driver ready to take you where you need to go? The latter is what your guests would prefer too and it’ll make that pivotal first impression a good one.

Have business guests arriving soon? Let American Limousine Service help make their trip far more pleasant and memorable. 

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