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It’s Your Wedding Day! Tips to Hire the Best Car

It’s Your Wedding Day! Tips to Hire the Best Car

Congratulations on your big day! Now that you’re busy with all the wedding plans, don’t forget to book your transportation. Renting a limo for you and your bridal party has become a tradition and one that takes the worry out of getting to and from your destinations easily. It’s easy to avoid all the horror stories of cars that never showed up or were less than classy. With a little research, you can hire the best car for your wedding to perfectly compliment your elegant day.

Match To Your Style

You don’t have to limit your choices to one or two styles. Larger limo services have a variety of choices to better match your unique wedding theme. We can even roll out the red carpet for you to give you the royal treatment. Check with a service’s entire fleet to see which cars match your needs best.

Make Sure It Fits Your Party

The average number of bridesmaids in the United States is 4.9. If you stick to the average, you’re looking at a large bridal party and you want a car that will fit everyone comfortably. Consider how many people will be riding with you. While it might just be a few arriving at the ceremony, the entire party might need a ride to the reception area. Hire a car that fits at least a few more people than you’re bridal party so there’s plenty of room for dresses.

Check It Out In Person

It’s tempting to do everything over the phone or online. You’re busy trying to pull everything together, find your dress and register for gifts. Why waste time making a special trip to check out the car or limo you’ve hired? The truth is some services rip you off. You see a picture of an elegant stretch limo, but you get a scratched and dented limo with ripped seats instead. Do yourself a favor and check it out in person. You don’t want to have to sweat details like whether or not you’re getting the car you booked online or not. See it in person and that’s one less thing to worry about.

Don’t Base It On Price Alone

You have a budget and we understand wanting to go with the cheapest option available. Just remember that when hiring a car, you get what you pay for. That cheap option could be the one thing everyone talks about on your wedding day and it won’t be in a good way. It’ll likely show up late or not at all. If it does show up, the driver may not even know how to get to your destination. Hire based on quality, not just price.

Look At Experience

With over 850 reception vendors in the Los Angeles area, you need to hire a service that knows their way around the area. Look for a company that has years of expertise serving the same area. You can rest assured their drivers are well trained and know the best routes to get you to your ceremony, reception and honeymoon on time.

Compare Amenities

The car alone is nice, but wouldn’t it be great to have supple leather seats, champagne and your wedding playlist already going when you enter the car? Check what amenities are included and what you have to pay extra for. Some services make you pay extra for everything, while services like American Limousine include the amenities.

Do Your Research

Research any company before hiring to make sure their cars are properly insured and have all the correct permits. The last thing you want is to be held responsible if something happens to the car or limo you’ve hired. Plus, you want to know that your chauffeur is trained to provide the safest ride possible for you and your bridal party.


Make sure your wedding day is as stress free as possible and hire the best car for your wedding. You’ll look beautiful arriving in an elegant limo or car and it’s nice not having to worry about transportation. Think of it as a relaxing way to spend a few minutes alone with your bridal party or just your new spouse. Don’t wait to hire the right car! Contact American Limousine Service at least 3-4 months in advance to book your dream ride today.  Image: Wesley Dryden

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