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How To Organize A Weekend Corporate Tour For Your Clients

How To Organize A Weekend Corporate Tour For Your Clients

Your clients are new to Los Angeles and don’t know where the best places to eat are or what the most interesting things to see are. Go beyond just getting them to and from work related destinations and organize a weekend corporate tour for your clients. It’s a nice way to tell them you appreciate them and make sure they’re not just stuck in a hotel, living on room service all weekend.

Organizing a tour isn’t difficult. All you really need is a list of things to do and of course, transportation. We’ve got the transportation covered. Plan out the rest and we’ll be happy to make your weekend tour a smashing success.

Take A Scenic Day Drive

A weekend corporate tour doesn’t have to be focused on dozens of stops. If your clients are more interested in sitting back and relaxing, plan out a few scenic drives to show your clients just how beautiful the Los Angeles area is. From the gorgeous coastline to quiet, majestic forests, your clients will be in awe and feel like they’re on a vacation versus a business trip.

Plan Out Lunch, Dinner And Drinks

The single most important thing your clients expect from a tour is food. They’re eager to check out the best restaurants and bars in the area. You’re a local, so they rely on you to choose the best places and make reservations. Of course, having reliable transportation to help them get there on time is an important part too.

Talk to your clients before they arrive to find out what types of food they do and don’t like. Also ask them about atmosphere. Some may absolutely love a louder sports bar environment, while others prefer something more quiet and relaxed. Choosing food is probably the trickiest part with so many incredible places to choose from. Both Zagat and Thrillist offer perfect recommendations to please any clients.

Add In Some Entertainment

After driving around and eating, your clients are probably in the mood for some entertainment. There’s no shortage of things to do in and around Los Angeles. Get tickets at Laugh Factory or take clients to the Griffith Observatory for amazing views of the city and beautiful star gazing. If you’re not sure what your clients like, ask them. Maybe they love to shop or want to check out a few local bars and clubs. At the very least, thing about things you’d like to do and go with that.

Hire The Best Transportation

Planning out a memorable weekend corporate tour is all well and good, but it could all be ruined without the right transportation. A luxury limousine or corporate sedan is the ideal way to transport your clients around comfortably. A chauffeur ensures your clients have a safe, comfortable ride to every destination on your agenda. You could even provide the chauffeur with interesting tidbits about the area to tell your clients, especially on scenic or historic drives.

Make sure you choose a limousine service with a strong reputation for going above and beyond customer expectations. After all, the last thing you want is to promise your clients the moon and deliver a pebble instead. The right service plans out the routes in advance, arrives on time and treats your clients with the utmost respect.

Plan In Advance

One important thing to remember for any weekend corporate tour is to plan well in advance. While it’s possible to plan at the last minute, you might not be able to get the limo you want or have all your special requests honored. Planning at least a month in advance gives you and the service you hire the chance to fully organize a memorable weekend.

Make Your Clients’ Weekend

Odds are, your clients would probably love to just be at home instead of on a business trip. Make their trip well worth it by planning out an amazing weekend corporate tour full of fun, food and beautiful scenery. Their visit doesn’t have to be all work. Add some play in there too.

Have your list of activities planned out, but need transportation? Look no further. Contact us to find the perfect limo or car to complete your weekend tour.

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