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4th Of July At The Rose Bowl: Take A Crowd And Get There In Style

4th Of July At The Rose Bowl: Take A Crowd And Get There In Style

Who doesn’t want to celebrate 4th of July at the Rose Bowl? Music, fun and of course, fireworks make you glad to be an American. The problem is, no one wants to deal with the traffic getting there and back. Eliminate the stress and have more fun by arriving in a stylish limousine.

A 4th of July festival might not seem like a limo worthy occasion, but it’s the perfect occasion. It’s a time when you want to spend time with friends and family. Why let the driver miss out on all the fun? Take a limo and be the envy of everyone there.

More Room For Everyone

Trying to cram everyone into a car or truck isn’t comfortable for anyone. You don’t have to be miserable on the ride over or heading back home. A roomy limousine gives your entire party ample room to stretch out their legs without getting all tangled up. This makes the ride more enjoyable. Aren’t you supposed to actually enjoy the 4th of July at the Rose Bowl and not spend the day dreading the trip?

Save On Parking

With parking starting at $20, you don’t want to have to take three or four vehicles just to get all your friends and family in together. It’s a small benefit, but you could always use the savings to buy something extra at the event. Besides, keeping all the cars together coming out is going to be nearly impossible. Everyone stays together if everyone’s able to ride together.

Refreshments On Hand

No room for a cooler? No problem. Riding in a limousine means you always have refreshments on hand. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to ensure the limo is stocked with everything you need. Do some fancy tailgating in the parking lot or sit back and relax if you get tired. Watch TV and sip on something cool and refreshing or even have a quick snack.

Continue The Celebration

After 4th of July at the Rose Bowl is over, the celebration doesn’t have to end. Since you have a chauffeur to handle traffic, everyone in your party is free to continue talking, laughing and having a good time. If everyone’s over 21, hit up a few clubs or go out for a late dinner. You have the limousine, so put it to good use.

The best part is you’re able to celebrate safely. You have a designated driver, so you celebrate a little harder than you planned, it’s okay. You have someone to drive you home.

Watch Fireworks Comfortably

The 4th of July at the Rose Bowl celebration at Rose Bowl Stadium is well-known of the fireworks display. Sit inside a comfortable limousine and watch in awe as fireworks light the night sky. Luxurious seats cradle you after a long day of celebrating. Watch out the window or if the limo has a sun roof, raise up and watch that way. No sitting on the back of a hard truck bed or car hood. You’ve arrived in style and you’re able to watch the fireworks in style too.

No Stress Travel

Let’s face it, traffic is a mess all around the Rose Bowl Stadium. You could find yourself sitting in traffic for what seems like forever. You have people trying to cut in front of you, horns blowing and vehicles moving at a snail’s pace. The more stressed you get as the driver, the more stressed your passengers get. Leave the stress behind.

You deserve a night to bring along your crowd of friends and just relax. Let someone else worry about traffic. Shut out all the other vehicles and stressed out drivers while you watch TV or listen to music with your friends.

Celebrate 4th Of July At The Rose Bowl

Don’t miss out on this incredible 4th of July celebration. Hire a limousine and split the cost among your friends. It’s a low cost way to treat you and your friends to a day of luxury and style while celebrating America’s most important holiday.

Celebrating the 4th in style this year? Check out our incredible fleet to find the right limousine for you and your friends. 

Image: Scrubhiker (USCdyer)

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