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Limousine For Teenage Event? Questions When Hiring A Limo

Limousine For Teenage Event? Questions When Hiring A Limo

Limousine For Teenage Event? Questions When Hiring A Limo. Sending your teens out for a big event, such as prom, always leaves you a little worried. The last thing you want to worry about is unsafe driving, especially when a teen driver’s distracted by their friends. The solution is a simple – hire a limousine for a teenage event and save yourself all the stress and worry.

Of course, you can’t just hire any limousine service. You want a service that will take care of your teens just like you would. That’s why you need a safe, reputable service that will make sure your teens get to and from their event safely and on time. It’s the next best thing to driving them yourself, except you get a much needed break from their teenage exuberance. Before you hire a limousine, ask these seven questions.

Do Chauffeurs Stay With The Limos?

Some less reputable limo services don’t require the chauffeurs to stay with the limo. This means the driver isn’t available if your teens need them. In the case of teenage events, a driver can serve as a chaperon, ensuring teens arrive safely, enter their destination and are back in the limo at the appropriate times. They’ll also make sure no alcohol is being brought into the limo.

Does The Service Carry Insurance?

Hiring a limousine for a teenage event is much safer than having teens drive themselves. But, no limousine service can give you a 100% guarantee that an accident won’t happen. Ask the service if they carry insurance and what their limits are. If the worst does happen, you don’t want to be hit with a bill due to a hospital visit. With the right service, accidents are extremely rare and drivers are trained to keep passengers as safe as possible.

Can We See The Limousine?

Never hire a limousine for your teens, or even yourself, without asking to see it first. A picture isn’t good enough. Any reputable service will arrange a time for you to come and check out their limos in person. This allows you to see if there’s plenty of room, ample safety features and the overall quality of the limo itself.

Will You Stick To The Itinerary?

It’s up to you as the parent to provide an itinerary, including addresses and times, to the limo service. Talk to the service and make sure the driver will follow what you tell them and not random changes from teens. Some services may only be interested in making extra money by taking the teen to a late night party, but reputable services follow the itinerary they’re given, even if the teens suddenly want to go do things they’re not supposed to do.

Can Parents Set Rules?

Teens hear the rules you set for them, but they may not always follow them once they’re out of your sight. Ask if the service allows you to give the chauffeur a few ground rules too. For instance, if the teen wants to leave with someone else, the chauffeur is to demand they come back to the limo or they’ll call the parent. If teens are behaving inappropriately, such as sneaking in alcohol, the driver can take the teens straight back home.

What Can Teens Bring?

Most limos come with certain amenities, such as stereo systems, DVD players and snack bar. Ask the service what items your teens should bring with them, such as their favorite music or snacks. Ask if there are any items teens aren’t allowed to bring as well.

Do You Contact Parents?

Hiring a limousine for a teenage event doesn’t mean you’re just hiring a driver to transport your kids. You’re hiring a professional driver who also cares about the well-being of the passengers in the limo. Ask the service if drivers know to contact parents if any of the teens are getting out of control or aren’t feeling right. Provide the service with the contact numbers of all parents so the driver knows who to contact.

Hire The Right Service

You’ll know you’ve got the right limo service for your teens when you’re satisfied with the answers to all these questions. Leave the worry behind the next time teens want to get together to go to a concert, prom or other event. Hire a limousine for a teenage event and breathe a sigh of relief that your teens aren’t driving.

Ready to hire a limo service that truly cares about their passengers’ needs? Look no further than American Limousine Service for your next teenage event.

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