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The Lotus Festival Coming July 9th – Read More About It Here

The Lotus Festival Coming July 9th – Read More About It Here

Los Angeles is well known for its wide mix of cultures and the Lotus Festival is the perfect example. The festival serves as a celebration of Asian culture and is open to everyone. It’s a historic annual event that you don’t want to miss out on.

Set in the serene Echo Park Lake, it’s a day of beauty and flowers. Treat yourself and your family and friends to an equally beautiful ride to and from the event. Plan to celebrate this year’s Lotus Festival riding comfortably in a limousine.

The When And Where

Clear your schedule for July 9th and 10th and make plans to be at Echo Park Lake for the Lotus Festival. The annual event is being held Saturday from 12 PM to 9 PM and Sunday from 12 PM to 8 PM. The event is free for everyone, so it’s the ideal outing to get some fun time in the sun in Los Angeles. Feel free to drive yourself, carpool or hire a limo to get to the lake.

What To Expect

As the name implies, the Lotus Festival is part a celebration of the gorgeous floating lotus blossoms on Echo Park Lake. If you love flowers, you shouldn’t miss this stunning display. The other part of the event is to celebrate Asian culture in Los Angeles. The event showcases the contributions of Asian-Americans in the city.

Each year, the event honors a different community. The host country for this year is Korea. As you walk around, you’ll be treated to arts and crafts, an Asian food court, music and dragon boat races. All events and exhibits are designed to showcase the Asian culture, specifically Korean culture. The event isn’t limited to those of Asian descent. It’s open to everyone to bring the entire community together.

Spend All The Time You Want

Long hours throughout the weekend make it easy for you to spend as much time as you want exploring exhibits, listening to music, sampling food and marveling at the lotus flower beds. Take your time and get to know more about some of the culture surrounding you on a daily basis.

Even if you’re busy during the day, spend the evening at the Lotus Festival. If you have the time, visit both days. Odds are, you’ll see something new and exciting that you missed the day before.

Skip Driving To The Lotus Festival

As with any major community event, especially a free one, you can expect heavy traffic in and around the area. Why should this ruin your fun? For some people, it even prevents them from attending to begin with. The event is free, so why drive when you could splurge for a limousine? If the thought of traffic was holding you back, now you have no reason not to attend.

Besides, a limo is more affordable than you might think. Split the costs between you and your friends and it’s an affordable and comfortable way to get to and from the Lotus Festival. If you get hot, take a break with everyone by sitting inside the limo and getting a cool drink. You could even continue the fun by taking your limo for a late night meal after the event.

We’ll Get You There In Style

The 36th Lotus Festival is a can’t miss event. Let us help you arrive in style. Imagine how much more you’ll enjoy the lotus blossoms, music and of course, incredible food when you know you’re riding home in luxurious comfort. Make the day perfect. You could even turn it into an annual tradition for you and your friends. However you choose to arrive, make sure you’re free July 9th and 10th.

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Image: Arief Hasan

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