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Oktoberfest Limos Mean Safe, Fun, and Luxury

Oktoberfest Limos – Having A Safe And Fun Trip

Oktoberfest limos. L.A.’s oldest and largest Oktoberfest opens September 11th and 12th. Grab Oktoberfest Limos and experience an authentic-yet-modern Oktoberfest including Oompah bands direct from Germany, non-stop entertainment, Alpine’s homemade sausages, and of course, beer, in style while we drive! In addition to our Warsteiner beers, we will have special tap takeovers every weekend.

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
September 11 to October 31
Friday: 6PM to 12AM
Saturday: 5PM to 12AM
Sunday: 1PM to 6PM

There are a lot of great limo companies that you can work with during Oktoberfest. This is a smart idea to invest in if you need a driver because this is generally an event where you will drink alcohol. To have a fun and safe time you can utilize these guidelines.

The limo company should be positively reviewed online if you want to know if they are good to work with. Sometimes, however, people may not tell the truth about their experience. For instance, if someone was drinking a little too much and didn’t cooperate with the limo driver, they may leave a bad review when it was their fault that the issues happened for them. That’s why you want to read well-written reviews that cover the pros and cons of a service to be more aware of what they are like.

Driving drunk is not a smart idea, and you need to make sure that the limo knows where to drop you off and pick you up. Get the driver’s phone number or have the number for the limo service with you in case you get lost and need to have them come somewhere else. When you drink, it can sometimes be a problem because you may find yourself forgetting things like where to meet your driver. Bring your phone and if you have friends with you that aren’t partaking in the drinking you can have them remember the details for you.

Having a fun time is great, but remember that if you damage the limo you have to pay for it. Sometimes when people are drinking alcohol at Oktoberfest, they get a little rowdy. If you feel like any of your guests will not follow the rules that the limo service has, then you should get them a regular cab home or figure out another way to get them to where they need to be. It’s unwise to let someone like that get into a limo because it can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if they end up breaking anything.

If you’re going to be paying to have the limo take you somewhere by the hour, it’s best to have them meet you after the event to pick you up. Otherwise, you may have to spend a bunch of money on them waiting for you outside of the event until you’re done. Some companies will charge you by travel distance or in other ways, so make sure you’re clear on what this should cost you. Also, keep in mind that most drivers expect a tip which is good to give them if they do their job well or go above and beyond for you.

Be sure that you’re aware of when you are going to be in the area so that you can schedule your ride. If you think that you can just show up in a city to celebrate this event and be able to get a cab out there, that will not work most of the time. The reason is that they are not like a cab service and have waiting lists a lot of the time. During an event like this where there are a bunch of people, you may miss out on getting to rent a limo if you don’t set up the ride early enough.

With Oktoberfest limos you can have a safe and fun time. Being smart about getting a ride when you’ll be drinking is always going to benefit you. Never drive when drinking alcohol and make sure you work with a good limo service.

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