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The Perfect Limousine For Your Party – 5 Must Know Tips

The Perfect Limousine For Your Party – 5 Must Know Tips

Finding the perfect limousine for your party isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes you’re so focused on the party itself, that you forget the transportation could make or break your great time. By remembering a few simple tips, you’ll find the right limo, no matter what your party.

You might think at first that one single limo is ideal for any type of party, but it’s not. For instance, the limousine you choose for a bridal shower is probably going to be different than the one you choose for a teenager’s birthday party. The main thing to remember is to always choose what appeals to you most and what you feel will make your party even better.

1. The More, The Merrier

It’s party time, so you’re going to need a limousine to fit everyone. Though limousines are larger than cars, each model still only has so much room. Ideally, you want to still have a few extra seats, especially if you’re bringing along any supplies or carrying purses and bags.

Try to get a clear number of how many are partying with you. This helps you narrow down your search for the perfect limousine for your party.

2. Room To Groove

Some parties are more calm and it’s fine to just sit back and talk while riding to your destinations. For more active parties, you’ll need some room to groove. Larger limos, such as SUVs or party buses, work best in these scenarios. It’s not exactly fun when you’re stepping all over each other as you try to dance to your favorite music. This is another reason to rent a limo that has just slightly more room than you think you need.

3. All The Right Amenities

Every limousine doesn’t magically come with every amenity you might want. That’s why you need to ask what amenities are included and compare it with your list of must-haves. For instance, if you plan on drinking, ask what spirits are included, if any. It also pays to talk about the costs of amenities. Make sure the total cost of everything inside the limo is included in the final quote. If you’re trying to save money, ask about bringing some of your own amenities.

4. Add Some Personality

A party needs personality. The one thing that makes the perfect limousine for your party stand out from the rest is it’s more unique features. While it doesn’t need quite as much personality as this custom football party bus, features such as color changing lights, audio system that supports your own playlists and an interior that isn’t what you’d find in your standard stretch, all make a huge difference.

Of course, you can always bring along decorations, if allowed. Visit earlier in the day to add your own unique twist to the limousine. As long as it’s nothing permanent or damaging, most services allow it.

5. Extra Special Requests

It’s your party, so you should be able to make a few extra special requests. Want to feel like a celebrity? Request a red carpet. Prefer a specific champagne? Ask for it. Obviously, your requests should be within reason. Asking for the limousine to be painted a new color is probably not going to happen.

The right service has no problem helping you make your party perfect. Talk to the service and they’ll work with you to accommodate your requests. Keep in mind that these may come at an extra cost, depending on the request itself.

Hiring The Perfect Limousine For Your Party

Getting the perfect limousine for your party isn’t difficult. Start your search as early as possible to make sure you get the right one. Planning several months in advance is best, especially during busy times, such as prom and wedding season. Riding in a limo makes any party more memorable. Getting the perfect limo is just icing on the cake.

Have your party all planned out, but just need a luxurious ride? Rent one of our elegant party limos today for a party you’ll never forget. 

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