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Partying Hard – 7 Reasons You Should Hire A Limousine

Partying Hard – 7 Reasons You Should Hire A Limousine

Looking forward to a night out with your friends and partying hard to leave the stressful work week behind? Before you do anything, your first step should be to hire a limousine for partying. A limo might sound like it’s overkill for a night out partying, but it’s one of the safest choices.

Why force one of your friends to sit on the sidelines while everyone else drinks, dances and has a great time? Cramming everyone into a small car is never fun either. The most obvious choice for safety and fun is to kick back and relax in a limousine as you’re driven from one party destination to the next.

1. Safety In Numbers

It’s never a good idea to go partying on your own. You’re then left driving home while you’re tipsy or drunk, asking a stranger to give you a ride or relying on a taxi or Uber, which still leaves you feeling not quite as safe as you should feel. When you hire a limousine for partying, your entire group gets to ride together. You’re safer as you go in and out of clubs, bars and homes and no one’s left trying to find a ride on their own.

2. Ensures Everyone Gets Home Safely

Have you ever left your friends and then wondered if they got home safely? With a limousine, you don’t have to worry anymore. A professional chauffeur drives everyone home and ensures they get into their house safely. You’re not forced to crash at someone else’s house and then drive home with a post party hangover the next morning. You’re at home, safe and sound, ready to sleep away the morning.

3. Guaranteed Sober Driver

In 2013 alone, 28.7 million people stated they had driven while intoxicated. Often times, this happens because no one wants to be the designated driver. It’s hard to sit around watching your friends drink while you can’t. With a limo, you’re guaranteed to have a sober driver. You’re free to party as hard as you want and know that your driver remains a loyal DD.

4. Drunk Driving Fees Aren’t Worth It

You might hesitate on hiring a limo due to the expense, but consider the cost of a DUI. If you’re lucky enough not to be involved in a crash, you could still face fines up to $15,000. By the time you pay off the fines, you could’ve hired numerous limousines for you and your friends and had much more fun in the process.

5. Time To Sober Up

Cold showers or strong coffee aren’t enough to sober someone up. It takes time for the body to metabolize alcohol and that time varies by person and the amount of alcohol in their drinks. As you ride comfortably in the back of a limo, you get time to sober up. When you’re partying hard, every little bit of time helps. Plus, the more sober you are, the more you can party when you reach the next club or bar on your party list.

6. Your Life’s Worth More

What price do you put on your own life? If everyone splits the cost of the limousine, you won’t be paying much more than you would have for a taxi or Uber. Plus, the ride is more comfortable and everyone gets to stay together. Is that small cost really worth your life? In 2014, 31% of all traffic deaths were alcohol related. Don’t let yourself be a statistic just to save a little money. If you want to party, be responsible and hire a limousine for partying.

7. Keeps Everyone Together

When you’re busy having fun, sometimes you people get left behind. Someone goes to the bathroom and when they get out, everyone’s gone. Your chauffeur knows how many people are in your party and ensures everyone gets back in the limo. Even if everyone’s too tipsy to keep track, your driver helps keep everyone together.

Hire A Limousine For Partying

The choice is clear. Besides, isn’t it exciting arriving to a party, club or bar in a limousine? The cost is minimal when you split it between you and half a dozen friends or more. It’s a small price to pay to for a luxurious ride and peace of mind knowing you can party hard and stay safe.

Eager for your next night out, partying with friends? Contact us today to hire the perfect limousine to keep you safe and the fun going all night.

Image: Matt Gillman

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